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A well-crafted home composed of the right materials installed with exceptional craftsmanship could be the solution to the roller coaster that is your energy bill. Our home improvement company can help make your home energy efficient!

Benefits of an Energy Efficient Home

  • Lower Bills - Managing the temperature of your home costs nearly half of your energy bill. With the proper insulation, you can lower those costs by keeping your heat or cool air in.

  • Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer - Your home will stay comfortable longer with good insulation keeping the drafts out.

  • Better Property Value - An energy-efficient home is becoming a key consideration for potential home buyers; people are often willing to pay extra for high-energy star-rated homes.


At Phillips Insulation, we merge the finest products on the market today with industry-leading workmanship to make your home more energy-efficient. Check out this list to get a sense of what our expert home improvement contractors can help you with. From replacement windows and energy-efficient insulation to new gutters and downspouts, our contractors can take care of it all!

Better Business Bureau Member 
Member of the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Businesses) 
Serving New Castle County, Sussex County and Kent County

Home Improvement Contractor Checklist

  • Insulation Installation

  • Home Siding Installation

  • House Siding Repair & Replacement

  • Gutters & Downspouts

  • Window Installation

  • Window Replacement

  • Insulation Removal

  • Roofing Repair

  • Roof Replacement

  • Improving Home Energy Efficiency


Isn't it time you took care of that aging roof or outdated insulation and house siding? Call the Phillips Insulation contractors today for all your home improvement needs!


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Wilmington Delaware Home Siding

How Important is it to Select Good Home Siding?

Of all the materials used on your house, the siding is a contender for the most important. House siding is the first defense against rain, wind, snow, etc. It’s also a major contributor to your home's curb appeal and good, durable siding can help increase the value of your home. There are a ton of options for home siding available including vinyl, brick, fiber cement, cellular PVC, various types of wood, stone, manufactured stone veneer, stucco, synthetic stucco, aluminum, stainless steel, composites, ceramic tile, and more! Our home siding installation contractors in Wilmington will help you through the process by giving you siding options, different exterior siding colors, and will make their best recommendation for your home and situation.

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